As you are probably aware, we are living in a world where there is more than an option for almost any product that we want to buy and use. It seems that multi channel eCommerce software is not an exception. Namely, in the recent period, the interest in this kind of software is growing and that’s why many software development companies have introduced their products. This versatility is obviously a good thing, but it can also cause confusion for some users. This is why you have to use multi channel eCommerce software comparison. We have created a list of software solutions to choose from. Remember that the best option depends on your business and the sales channels you are using. In some cases, the number of orders you have plays an important role too.


BigCommerce comes with a channel manager tool. With this tool, users can sell their products in more than one place at once. The good news is that every user can try this tool for free. With BigCommerce you can also connect your online store with social media profiles like adding a Twitter buy button or create a Facebook shop. You can do the same with the popular online marketplaces like Rakuten, Amazon, and eBay.


This is another great multi channel eCommerce software option. In case your online business doesn’t have more than twenty orders a month, you will be able to use the special multichannel tool without paying a dime. This software and platform provide integrations with many popular sites like Dawnda, Shopify, and Etsy. Thanks to Shoplo you can also create products feeds and use them in your Facebook shop ads. What many users like about Shoplo is the friendly interface and the fact that it’s simple to use this tool even without any experience. This is the best solution for mid-sized businesses and small businesses.


People who have some experience in the field of eCommerce have probably heard about Magento. This platform is used by millions of people and they too have multi channel integration in their offer. Keep in mind that Magento is a little bit expensive. But, with its help, you can integrate your store with Amazon and eBay and handle all the tasks through the platform.

Create a business plan, analyze the current situation at your market and take these reviews before you select a multi channel eCommerce software solution.